Response to coronavirus situation in Hong Kong

Date:2020-02-01 16:41

Hong Kong has been onset by the outbreak of the Coronavirus  and the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition since late January 2020 which raises the alert to the public in Hong Kong.

This means that the disease spreads easily in public but fortunately has not spread widely in Hong Kong. 

Things remain under control with the efforts of everyone in Hong Kong under guidance of Hong Kong Government.

As a precaution to our staff, our Company have decided that our staff will be operating in the office from 10:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday so that our staff can reduce the risk of travelling with the crowd in mass transportation. 

And our staff can spend more time with their family.

In addition, our Company have donated 500+ masks to our business partners and friends, we make our efforts to contribute to the HK community.

We will keep you informed as matters progress.

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